Thursday, July 30, 2015

CD Review: New Jazz Music To Expand Your Pallette From Jason Kearse And From Squadra Omega

From Maryland comes the solo debut release from up-n-coming jazz pianist Jason Kearse entitled "Humility." His three piece band is a small step away from his work with the Kearse Brothers, but allows Jason to experiment more on his own. The new eight song release begins with the slow, rhythmic introduction of "Canvas," as he begins to fill in the blanks with his piano skills. Jason feels his way around the piano keys in "Locks" as the drums keeps the momentum going. The great sounds of jazz all come together perfectly in exciting seven-minute song, "Grass" as the music keeps things interesting and on point with the album's overall sound. The album finishes up with the quick pace of "Trains," before closing with the lighter, aerier feel of "Waterfall" as the musicians search for a common ground within the music. To find out more about Jason Kearse and the Kearse Brothers, please visit their Facebook page at
Also recently released is latest album from the Italian Avant-garde jazz/rock band Squadra Omega entitled "Altri Occhi ci Guardano," which means "Other Eyes Look At Us." This trio lets their experimental side fly as the songs carry a very freeform dynamic, beginning with the tune-up sounds of "Il Buio Dentro." They continue with the psychedelic rock of the eight-minute "Sospesi nell'Oblio" and jam during the jazz fusion of "Il Labirinto." The new nine-song release closes with the twelve-minute jazz/funk fueled "Altri Occhi ci Guardano" and the gentler acoustics of "Le Rovine Circolari." To find out more about Squadra Omega, please visit their Facebook page at

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

CD Review: The Return Of The White Buffalo Brings "Damnation"

Singer/songwriter The White Buffalo (aka Jake Smith) will be releasing his fifth full-length album in August entitled "Love And The Death Of Damnation." His music has grown in popularity due to it being featured in the hit FX show "Sons Of Anarchy" and Showtime's "Californication." To co-inside with the release of his new album, White Buffalo was followed by a camera crew, documenting the recording of this album. The new docuseries called "Ernie Ball Presents Capturing The White Buffalo: The Recording Of An American Songwriter" premiered on June 19th at
The new eleven song release begins with the quick-paced southern acoustic rocker "Dark Days" as Smith gets things moving swiftly right from the start. The sweet sounds of horns, highlights the country swing of "Chico" and his amazing songwriting focuses on the smooth roots rock of "Go The Distance." He slows the pace down for the gruff, truthful acoustic delivery of "Radio With Now Sound" and duets with Audra Mae" on the heartfelt "I Got You." The tempo picks back up with the quick acoustic swing of "Modern Times," before laying his feelings on the line for "Last Call To Heaven," which has White Buffalo sounding like a seasoned veteran.
The White Buffalo will be wrapping up his headlining U.S. tour in September before heading up to Canada for seven dates in November. To find out more about his new album " Love And The Death Of Damnation," please visit his website at

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

CD Review: Heavy Metal Band Tonic Breed Look To Conquer The U.S. With "Outsold"

Norwegian heavy metal band Tonic Breed are celebrating the one year anniversary of the release of their sophomore breakthrough album "Outsold." It has been receiving rave reviews around Europe and the video for their single "Strife" is beginning to gain recognition on YouTube (

The eight-song album begins with the full-six-minute version of the single as a mystical keyboard introduction leads into the fast paced metal of "Strife." The thrash attack of the drums and blazing guitars remind us of the early days of thrash metal bands Anthrax, Metallica and Testament. The band's high adrenaline sound is perfectly executed in the songs "Fifth Estate" and "Outsold," while they incorporate some of the classic Black Sabbath doom sound in the songs "Blackened Minds" and "Borregaard." To find out the latest news from Tonic Breed, please visit their Facebook page at

Monday, July 27, 2015

CD Review: Legendary Musicians Follow The "MAP" To The New Moraz Alban Project Album

Legendary keyboardist Patrick Moraz (Yes, Moody Blues) has teamed up with drummer Greg Alban to release "MAP," the first album from the Moraz Alban Project. The two became friends after Moraz invited Alban to perform on his solo 1984 album "Timecode." As Moraz was looking to expand his sound and talents, he assembled the perfect band to help him, including John Avila (Oingo Bongo), Lenny Castro (Rolling Stones, Eric Claton), Matt Malley (Counting Crows), Patrick Perrier and Dave VanSuch.
The new nine song release takes you on an amazing instrumental journey that keeps you discovering more within the music. Beginning with the progressive rock rhythm of "Jungle Aliens," the band seems to be settling into their roles. The jazzy feel of "Canyon Afternoon" leads into the smooth "Jazz In The Night." Greg Alban takes the spotlight in "The Drums Also Solo," before the band takes off with the spacey sounds of "Alien Intelligence," led by Moraz' keyboards. The album closes with the slow moving experimentation of "Alien Species." To find out more about the Moraz Alban Project's new album "MAP," please be sure to visit

Sunday, July 26, 2015

CD Review: The Concord Music Group Pays Tribute To The Vince Guaraldi Trio With The Best "Peanuts"

One of the most beloved comics of all-time is the "Peanuts." Following the adventures of Charlie Brown and gang is almost a rite of passage when growing up in America. Their "made for TV" Christmas movie is timeless and this November, the "Peanuts" will be featured in their first computer animated feature-length film. But, not only was it the simplistic animation that captured our attention, but it was also the jazzy music associated with it. For many of us, the "Peanuts'" shorts were our introduction to jazz music as their soundtracks made the musical genre fun and attractive for all ages. Providing these wonderful melodies was pianist Vince Guaraldi and his trio. Now, over fifty years since that first "Peanuts" cartoon, the Concord Music Group has compiled some of the best songs from the history of the "Peanuts" for a "Greatest Hits" compilation.

The new twelve song release begins with one of the most well-known jazz songs of all-time, "Linus And Lucy." The rhythmic piano progression is just so fun and energetic that it instantly lifts your spirits. The "Baseball Theme" has that underlining melody of "Take Me Out To The Ball Game," which easily puts you in the mood to play ball, while "Little Birdie" showcases the rare vocals of Vince Guaraldi as he sings his song for Snoopy's sidekick Woodstock. The second half of this album covers the holidays with the "Great Pumpkin Waltz" for Halloween and the "Thanksgiving Theme," which lead us into four songs from one of the best selling Christmas albums of all time, "A Charlie Brown Christmas." This release closes with Charlie Brown and the gang singing the timeless "Christmas Time Is Here."

Also included is a new write-up by famed jazz writer Derrick Bang about the impact of the Vince Guaraldi Trio's music to the "Peanuts" cartoons. To find out more about this new greatest hits set, please visit